• GT-08 -Motorcycle-GPS-Tracker-with-realtime-tracking

    $399.00 $150.00
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    Protect Your Pride & Joy

    The Ultimate in Motorcycle Security -
    Short of Destroying the unit before it can alert you -
    Your Bike is Fully Protected ...

    Suitable for ANY Vehicle from a Mobility Scooter to a D9 Dozer (6~45 Volt)
     These units are the Ducks Nuts
    for any Bike due to the Units Size and Impressive Features

    TK Chipsets are Old Technology - Don't waste your $$$$

    Best Security ...

    Cut the Power = Alert
    Move the Bike = Alert (Inbuilt Shock and Vibration Sensor)
    Try and Hotwire = Ale
    rt .. Even if your OEM Security system is disabled
    This Unit even upgrades your OEM security system to Alert you via SMS if activated

    ** Important Safety Feature:
    Stop Engine Function - Stops the Bike safely via SMS- Smartphone App - Tracking Portal …
    The GT-08 Uses pulse control until vehicle reaches 30kmh and then cuts engine Fuel / Power
    (Not only a Safety feature but it makes the thief think he has stolen a piece of crap that has just broken down and is more likely to leave ya Bike parked on the side of the road)
     You have the location, You can listen in to what the Maggot is saying if he is not alone - Or calls someone ... it is up to you as to what justice is served ... 000 or ...?

    Have a look at at the Pictures to see how easy it is to conceal the unit inside a Motorcycle Seat -
    1/ Remove Cover from seat just enough to create a pocket in the foam padding.
    2/ Run Wiring through the underside of the seat base - Make sure to leave enough slack in the wiring loom
    to enable seat removal - Pictures show my Harley Seat, But you get the idea !!

    Any Questions - Shoot me a Message

    Check these Features

    Next Generation of Trackers with 3G Network Support

    Existing 2G Network will be switched off in Australia soon

    GSM and GPRS Communication

    Unit will switch to GSM network if Satellite communication is lost

    New Generation Ublox Chipsets

    Superior Accuracy when compared to outdated TK Chipsets

    Units are configurable via USB cable

    Supplied with unit

    Built-in Movement and Vibration Sensors with adjustable sensitivity

    Small size

    Easily hidden

    Small $2 per year Tracking Platform subscription

    First year is FREE

    Built-in Microphone for remote monitoring

    Control unit by either PC Online Tracking Platform, SMS or Smartphone App

    Realtime Tracking via PC Online Tracking Platform, or Smartphone App

    Android and Apple Apps Available

    Apps are supplied with the unit, but many more are available in Playstore, Etc.

    SMS Commands available

    Check Status


    Arm and Disarm Tracker

    Monitor Voice and Sound

    Cut and Restore Engine Remotely

    Enable and Disable RFID (if fitted)

    Set up to 100 Geo-fences to be monitored

    i.e Yard, Garage, Worksite, Shopping Centre, Train Station, and more ..


    Sleep – Power Saving mode

    Tracker will conserve battery power after a set period

    Alarms: (when system is Armed)

    Vibration – Movement

    Power to Tracker is cut

    Battery Power is low

    Breaching Geo-fence boundary

    Over speed (if activated)

    Signal from ignition system

    Signal from existing Alarm System

    SOS – When Anti Hijack - SOS button is pressed

    Fuel Theft (optional sensor required)

    2 Year Warranty



    Short of destroying the unit, or the Sim Card running out of credit  You are Protected !!


    Working voltage: +6.0 ~+45VDC

    Power Consumption:

    Working current: 50mA;

    Peak current: 800mA;

    Inside Backup battery: Rechargeable 3.7V 500mAh Li-ion battery

    Size of the main unit: 99*52*17 (mm)

    Weight of the main unit: 76g

    Working temperature: -20 ~ 85℃

    Humidity: 0 ~ 95%

    GSM frequencies: Quad-band: 850MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz

    GPS chip: U-blox chipset

    Receiving ways 20 channels

    Working frequencies

    1575.42Mhz C/A(GPS)

    Receiving sensibility -160dBm

    Positioning accuracy ≤5m (wide-open area)

    Speed accuracy ≤0.2M/S (wide-open area)

    Positioning mode Auto 2D/3D

    Hot start 1 sec., average

    Warm start 2 sec., average

    Cold start 40 sec., average