• L.E.D Load Equaliser (Set of 4) 50w 6ohm

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    L.E.D Load Equalisers (Resistors) - Set of 4

    Features. 12v/50w/6 ohm. Helps in solving signalling problems that can occur

    with replacing incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs.

    The Stage II Load Equaliser is enclosed in a water tight housing that can

    be mounted anywhere on the bike.

    The Stage II Load Equaliser is also perfect for automobile applications

    with a dedicated turn signal circuit

    (not shared with the brake light for example).

    The Stage II Load Equaliser couldn't be easier to install!

    The device is small and connects to the blinker wires only.

    Your order will come with detailed instructions and simple tap connectors

    that do not require any cutting of the factory wiring!

    Our Load Equalisers are over designed and oversized for excellent heat capacity.

    They will not get too hot under normal operation.

    You won’t have any overheating problems with our products!