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    Riders Against Discrimination – RAD has been formed due to the heavy handed behavior by the police towards members of the motorcycling community across Australia.

    Regardless of whether riders belong to an outlaw motorcycle club, social group or ride alone and regardless of whether they ride a Harley or a Sports Bike, cruiser or dirt bike they are being treated in the same way and it needs to stop NOW.

    In QLD the media has played a big part in the vilification of riders to the extent that members of the public have been brainwashed and now believe all of the media spin about big bad bikies and treat all riders in the same way as they can`t differentiate between an OMC and a Veteran or other social rider and this vilification of all riders will continue across all States if we don't take a stand.

    Many charities and businesses are now suffering as fewer riders are willing to ride and risk the discrimination being shown towards them by the police, members of the public, pubs and clubs and other businesses and members of clubs and associates are now losing their livelihoods starting with Tattooists and also extending into many other trades.

    R.A.D. is aiming to bring together all brothers and sisters, we need to unite and stand shoulder to shoulder and can only have people power to do this, by uniting at rallies and events and all supporting each other until these sad laws are abolished!